Enjoy The Third

What's included in My Practice's Physical Exam?

1. Active Patient Base

This is the most important number in your practice. It tells you how many hygiene hours you need per week. It gives you a baseline for growth and when you will need to add more team members without creating nightmarish overheads! It let's you know if/when expansion is in your future!

2. Patient Retention: New and Existing

Know who you retain and their referral source. Tap into that source! Internal marketing is your best source for patient retention. Don't work hard at expensive marketing plans for patients who are not vested in your treatment recommendations. Are appointments available today, tomorrow, the next day? Are you retaining patients to fill your schedule? Are you scheduled a month in advance? Three months? Six months? 

3. Average Value of Your Patient

Do you know the appointment value of your patients on your hygiene schedule? Or what about the value of patients on your schedule? It's important to know how many patients it takes per day to take care of overheads and still have some left in the bank. Remember, you want to Enjoy The Third!

4. Average Treatment Presentation & Treatment Acceptance Percentage

The average treatment plan is $3,000. But what about those New Patients who come in with so many old restorations? Introducing New Patients into your practice with a lifelong mindset will prevent treatment plans from overwhelming your patients yet, giving them the comfort level to trust you. This is huge!

5. Schedule Efficiency

Don't work harder, work smarter! Where have we heard this before? Your schedule is the answer for you to Enjoy The Third! Do you look at your schedule and think this is going to be one of 'those' days. Did you know it was coming? Could you have avoided it with a little more planning? We will have 'those' days, but the fewer the better, right?

6. The Health of Your Account Receivables

Let's pay the bills and have some left over! There are so many attributes to a financially healthy practice; overheads, insurance plans (yes I said it!), collecting co-payments at the time of treatment, billing insurance immediately, third party financial options for your patients to say 'yes' a little easier...and I am sure you can contribute a few more here. To Enjoy The Third you need a financially healthy practice. Making money in a 'people business' such as dentistry, is not a bad thing; money gives you options. Options to invest back into your practice, your team, your patients, your community, your family and yourself! You deserve to Enjoy The Third!